Visit Hrastovlje and be a Part of this Unique Experience!

You are welcome to the fairy tale village under the Karst edge, a real tourist attraction, where stories from the past, art, tradition, and people intertwine. If you want to enjoy a beautiful day in this unique setting and discover the true flavours of the typical cuisine, by all of us a bit forgotten, do not to hesitate to visit us.

The village of Hrastovlje, one of the jewels of the Slovenian Istria, with its history, traditions and kind and hospitable people is one of the most desired destinations for all curious visitors and traditional cuisine lovers. By program Hrastovlje – Experience Hrastovlje you will get 6 coupons and a postcard of Hrastovlje. Four coupons are used during the visit of the local sights and two coupons for experiences of your own choice. Our guides will take you along the paths of the local attractions: to the gallery of Jože Pohlen, one of the most remarkable Istrian artist, to the private collection of weapons, and to the Romanesque church of Holy Trinity, considered a real treasure of the Medieval mural paintings, among which the motif of the “Dance of Death” is the most famous. During the pleasant and instructive visit, our guides will show you the so-called EXPERIENCE points. You can choose between tastings of wine and authentic food or guided visit of the Park of Istrian indigenous plants and animals.  To make the experience truly memorable, you will also receive a postcard of Hrastovlje.

What is included and how to use coupons?
The tour takes 2,5 hours and includes 6 coupons:
Guided visit of the village
Entrance fees to local attractions
Two experiences
Postcard of Hrastovlje village

For each attraction and for each selected experience you spend one coupon.

Follow the guides and the locals through time!

Guided visits are available in Slovenian, Italian, German and English language.

You will discover the history, the natural and cultural monuments of the village and its inhabitants, the geographical features and other attractions that make the village known all around the world with our professional guides. However, also the locals will tell their storries. Because there are really countless stoies in Istria.

Coupons from 1 to 4 are used for local attractions:

  • Guided visit of the village
  • Guided visit of the gallery of Jože Pohlen
  • Visit the collection of the war equipment and weapons
  • Guided visit of the church of the Holy Trinity

 Coupons 5 and 6 are used for local experiences (choose two):

  •  Dried meat store – visit and tasting of local food and wine
  •  Restaurant Švab – prosciutto & local wine or pasta with truffles & local wine
  •  Park of the Istrian indigenous plants and animals – guided visit


  • Minimum 12 persons
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Students* / Seniors* / Groups**:

  • * Minimum 12 persons
  • ** Minimum 15 persons
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Children (7 – 14)* / School Groups**:

  • * Minimum 12 persons
  • ** Minimum 15 persons
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Options for an Extra ChargePrice
Typical Istrian Lunch or DinnerFrom 15,00 EUR
Possibility of using the Multipurpose Room (Max. 30 persons) for Various Presentations, Workshops, Seminars, Meetings On Request